I found this amazing flash card maker, Free Printable Flash Card Maker at http://www.kitzkikz.com/flashcards/. It is simple and easy to use. I can create as many flashcards as I need in as little as five minutes.

The website opens to two simple columns of boxes. The first column is for one side of the flash card and the other column is for the other side. After typing in my information, I hit PDF. This takes me to the next page where I can choose my settings. I always choose 6 per page. I also choose a font size. (Otherwise, the program changes the font size depending on how much information is on the card. Some will have really big font, such as a short vocabulary word. Another will have smaller font, such as the definition.)



flash card pic 1

flash card pic 2

Now I can view the PDF and print my cards, download the cards to my computer, and/or store the flashcards on the site for up to 30 days.

The flashcards print with one set of information on the left and the corresponding answer, or information on the right–just like the template. There is a dotted line between the columns. The student can fold the paper in half to self-quiz, or they can fold it and then cut a horizontal strip which becomes the flash card.

Sometimes I print two copies and glue them back to back. When I run them through the copy machine on the 2 sided to 2 sided setting, I end up with 2 sets of front to back traditional flashcards.

I really appreciate the fact that this site has very few graphics, no front page, and no frills. This means that I don’t have to click around to find the template, each page loads quickly, so there is little wait time.

This is a free website that does not require a download.

Organizing Your Favorite Teaching Links

Do you have a long list of favorite links stored on multiple computers?  Do you use more than one browser?  You can use this website to organize all of your favorite links, so they can be accessed from any computer and any browser.  This website has made it so much easier for me as a teacher.  I use it every day.

Using Symbaloo has been game changing for me as a teacher.  I use it every day, whether I am saving the link to an interesting blog that I don't have time to read, or saving a link to use in a lesson the next day. I also look at Symbaloos on subjects like "brainbreaks" or "literature units" that other teachers have made public for new ideas. It really is one of those sites, I consider it indispensable.

Homeschooling parents could use Symbaloo to organize online sites there children/students access daily.  They could also create a section that has the educational games and sites they have prescreened and approved.

symbaloo (1) As a teacher, I love to look for new and innovative ideas on the Internet.  At one time, I had over 150 favorites on my school computer.  They were carefully (not) categorized for easy access.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as easy access when using Bookmarks/Favorites.  Most sites were bookmarked and then never seen again.  When I was home, I couldn't access the sites I had saved at school

A free website called Symbaloo.com  solved this problem.  This is the home page. (1)  You can see there is a grid and each square is the button that will take the user directly to the linked website.  The user can  organize their bookmarks by creating specific grids for each category.  For example, mine includes Educational Review Games and My Favorite Blogs. (2)  In about 20 minutes, my 150 bookmarks were converted to  links/buttons/tiles organized by category.  The one below organized review sites I had previewed for my students.  I was able to post a link to my blog so students could access the students at school and at home.

Symbaloo 2 (2) How to Set Up your own Symbaloo Site in about 15  Minutes.

Symbaloo is very simple to use. First, go to Symbaloo.com.  You will not be asked for any financial information to register. Once you have registered (free), select a website you would like to save and capture its URL.  Go to your Symbaloo and click on a blank tile.

Symbaloo 3

Click on "Create a Tile."

Symbaloo 4

Where it says "Add the Address of the Website" Paste in the URL of your website.

Type in a title, but often the title of the webpage will automatically be entered.  You can still change it to a title that suits your needs. Be sure and check "Show Text," so that your tile will be labeled for easy reference.

Next, either use the icon that is sometimes uploaded with the text, or select and icon or color from the choices in Symbaloo.

symbaloo 5

Symbaloo 6

Hit "Save" and the link will be inserted into the grid with the image and title you selected.

Symbaloo 7

There are many other useful tools available on the Symbaloo site and a premium option that comes with training and more extensive tools, but that is another post for another site.

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