Bring your Teaching Presentations to Life with Custom Avatars

Capture your student's attention with a customized presentation using an avatar created and animated with the video presenter Voki.  With a free version for teachers, anyone can can create fun animations teaching important concepts.

Once you create a Voki presentation, it can be inserted into your PowerPoint project.  

For as little as $40.00 a month, students can access and use Voki to make presentations in response to learning or as an independent project.  It can be used as a fun way to complete comprehension questions and other every day tasks.  Here are some examples of students utilizing Voki Classroom.

This is a wonderful program that I am looking forward to using in my special education classroom this year.  I wish I had found it earlier!  I might even use it to have my advanced students create advertisements for local business, such as Bend Roofing Services, a company owned by one of our parents, or one of the local restaurants, landmarks or museums, such as the High Desert Museum or River Lava Tubes.

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