Hi! I began my career in the 80's when we had to type our handouts onto special paper that would either make an ink transfer to an opposing sheet or punch the letters out of the paper. Then that paper would then be attached to a Gestetner which would spin the stencil around the drum as a thin layer of ink leaks through the holes.


After my first year of teaching, we had added a copy machine into the mix, but for large batches we still had to rely on the Gestetner.  Now with laser and jet printers both teachers and students are able to create projects and documents that would have been professionally created back in the day. Now with the advent of computers and the Internet more tools are available for teachers and parents as they work together to help their students prepare for the 21st century.  As the ability to do more increased, so did the expectations that the students would be able to make the academic and graphic leap necessary to take advantage of this amazing technology.

This puts  a lot of pressure on those of us who are charged with their education.  Fortunately, assistance can be found on the Internet in the form of organizational tools, review games, tutoring programs, homework assistance, typing and coding programs.  Some require a small fee and many are free.  In this website I will review and explain some of the popular programs, as well as lessor known programs I have used in my classroom.

During my 30 years of teaching, I have taught high school English, preschool, second grade, 4th and 5th grade, eighth and ninth grade and special education.  I feel like each of the developers who created these sites are my new best friends.  I have selected the tools that fit into my action packed life.  They are stripped down, easy to use and have minimal learning curve.  Most of them have upgrades that push them into more powerful roles, but I usually don't use them, because I don't want to take the time to learn.  I will mention the options though as they do seem to be pretty amazing.

If you would like to share a website that you have discovered, please feel free to send me a link and a brief explanation.

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